Concentration and Focus Bracelet

Concentration and Focus Bracelet
  Concentration and Focus Bracelet With so many things to recall and so much stress to endure, li...
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Concentration and Focus Bracelet

With so many things to recall and so much stress to endure, life often leaves us feeling confused and foggy. Fortunately, nature provides some beautiful tools to support us. We're talking about healing crystals for concentration and focus.


Recognisable by its blue and green colour, Amazonite possesses many of the same calming properties as its namesake, the Amazon River. This stone is closely tied to the body’s nervous system and can positively impact your ability to focus and concentrate.

Amazonite’s soothing nature will help clear your head of any emotional worries, enabling you to refocus your mind and energy on the task at hand. Because Amazonite has such a powerful connection to your body’s nervous system, it is also a popular stone for meditation and can help open your heart and throat chakras.


Blue Quartz is a stone that is known for bringing mental clarity, focus, and creativity to its user. Not only that but it also helps us to be more organised, orderly, and balanced, which can serve us well when we are feeling overwhelmed or unfocused. 

Blue Quartz eases illogical thoughts and helps us to have more flexibility in the way we think. Both of these things help to bolster our communication skills and to ease stress, anxiety, and fear.


Quartz is an incredibly versatile stone, manifesting in various shapes, sizes, and colours, each with its own unique properties. Among its many variations is Clear Quartz one of the most beneficial healing crystals for concentration and focus. The most recognisable stone in the quartz family, Clear Quartz promotes harmony between all things physical, spiritual, and emotional.

This crystal can help clear your mind of distracting thoughts and mental chatter, allowing you to clearly view your goals and desires. That way, you can work toward them with a stronger resolve. Clear Quartz can also be used in conjunction with other crystals to heighten their powers and provide a stronger sense of concentration and mental acuity.


With the help of Green Quartz we can improve our concentration, memory, and mental clarity. It does this by helping us reduce unhealthy thoughts and emotions and by inspiring feelings of creativity and cooperation. In addition, Green Quartz uplifts us and helps us to feel more positive and in control of our thoughts. 


During moments of chaos and craziness, it’s important to find a way to ground yourself. Meditating alongside Hematite may be just the ticket. Hematite is a grounding stone that can help you find stability and security in the face of disarray. This stone absorbs toxic emotions and replaces them with serenity, confidence, and strength.

 Hematite also encourages logical thinking, which can help you prioritise the items on your to-do list and accomplish them in a timely, organised fashion. If you find your schedule overwhelming and feel that you’re being pulled in multiple directions at once, hematite can help you focus on a certain path and see the task through to completion.


Tiger's Eye soothes the mind and brings us a tranquil energy that reduces stress and helps us go with the flow.  It helps us to think more clearly and creatively, helping us to focus in a better way.

This stone is wonderful for helping us understand where our emotions come from so that we can resolve those that are unhealthy. By balancing the emotions, it works to ease depression, and it provides us with better problem solving and decision-making skills.


Pink Rhodonite is one of the best crystals for cooperation, generosity, forgiveness, love, and brotherhood. Through these mental states, it works to heal emotional wounds. Pink Rhodonite brings us a calm, centred energy that relieves stress and anxiety and reduces unhealthy thoughts. With its help, we can achieve enhanced focus and we can think with greater creativity and clarity.


Smoky Quartz gives off an energy that is highly grounded; therefore, it stabilises and balances the emotions and eases stress and anxiety. With increased rational thoughts and emotions, we can release overwhelm, confusion, and negative energy.

Smoky quartz brings clarity of mind so that we can focus on our tasks with more ease. It calms the mental chatter that possesses our minds and keeps us from thinking rationally and clearly. It also helps us to stay positive in the midst of chaos.


Sodalite is the perfect healing stone for individuals seeking a calm moment in the face of a storm. When you’re overwhelmed by tasks on your plate, quiet meditation with Sodalite can help you clear your head and refocus your intentions.

Sodalite also encourages creativity and inspiration, which will help you tackle your to-do list with renewed vigour and motivation. Sodalite is also known to improve memory, organisation, and attention, making it a fan favourite among students and busy professionals alike.


Fluorite can help you think clearly and make clear decisions while under pressure. It can also be used as a meditation tool. It seems to aid mental clarity, and it is perfect for boosting mental health as well. It is an excellent healing stone with a positive energy around it. Fluorite balances the energy around you and your environment.






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