Weight-loss Encourager Bracelet

Weight-loss Encourager Bracelet
Utilise the power of crystals when you decide it’s time to drop a few kilos. They facilitate weig...
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Utilise the power of crystals when you decide it’s time to drop a few kilos. They facilitate weight loss by reducing stress, balancing your energies and encouraging you to stay focused. There are a number of gemstones that are especially helpful in these ways.

Dieting doesn’t take place only in one place. You must remain steadfast at home, at work, in the car, in the store and especially when you are out with friends and loved ones. Make sure you have your dieting crystals with you always by wearing this bracelet.

The gemstones included in this bracelet are:

Amethyst is excellent for breaking old eating habits and encourages a calm, peaceful state of mind.

Crystal Quartz is the energy-boosting gemstone that magnifies the energies of all the other stones. It is also a master healer, which means it will help you heal emotionally and physically as you lose weight.

Turquoise is an excellent weight-loss stone. It keeps you calm and balanced while reducing stress and suppressing the urge to eat excessively.

Black Obsidian and Poppy Jasper are used for grounding.

Rose Quartz is excellent for increasing self-esteem and helps you feel love for yourself and others. It also promotes a lovely, calm state of mind.

Citrine is  gemstone of the Solar Plexus. It boosts self-esteem, gives you better control over yourself and makes you feel motivated.

Apatite as the name implies, it suppresses the appetite.

Green Aventurine is also an appetite-suppressing stone.

Sunstone also suppresses appetite and actually boosts your metabolism.

Chrysocolla is a very calming weight-loss gemstone that dispels negativity from every direction. It imparts encouraging, feminine energy and reduces fear. This is a wonderfully comforting crystal.

Angelite gives you strength to remain steadfast while losing the weight and afterwards while you endeavour to keep the weight off.

Hematite keeps you well grounded.

Fluorite is great for focus and clarity. It will keep you on task and soothe you when you begin to feel anxious.

Disclaimer: Wearing this bracelet does not guarantee any weight loss. It is merely used to help you balance your energies.


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